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We provide free GRE Math practice test with questions of varying difficulty. If you are looking for hard GRE math questions, you have come to the right place. In our GRE Math practice test, the tough math questions can be identified by the low % of people who got the question correct. You will find this %, the one that identifies the difficulty of the math practice question, in the explanation section.

  • The questions in the GRE Math practice test will be of varying difficulty and as of now, not in any particular order.
  • Once an answer is chosen in the math practice test by clicking on the radio-button corresponding to the answer, you can submit it for evaluation by clicking on submit button.
  • The page after submitting the answer will indicate whether the answer was right or wrong.
  • The explanation for each GRE math practice question in the test will be provided.

The Quantitative section on the GRE consists of: two sections that each contain 20 questions and each needs to be completed within 35 minutes. This section measures basic mathematics (arithmetic, algebra, geometry) and problem solving abilities.


The questions in the math section can be broadly classified into one of the following types...

Quantitative Comparison Questions

You are required to compare two quantities, and determine which is greater, or they are equal. In some cases the relationship is not determinable, and there is an option to represent that case. You will find this question type on our GRE math practice test.

Multiple-choice Questions

You will be asked to choose either a single option, or all the options that apply. The number of options for these types of questions can be greater than 5. You will find this question type on our GRE math practice test.

Numeric Entry Questions

You will be asked either to enter your answer as an integer or a decimal in a single answer box or to enter it as a fraction in two separate boxes — one for the numerator and one for the denominator. You will find this question type on our GRE math practice test.